Signing my 1st Euro Professional Basketball Contract. Time for the Pros!!

What’s up Guys?

Hope you guys are having a great week. I have really exciting news; I have signed with one of the best professional basketball leagues in the world. I have signed a euro contract with SPARTAK VIDNOYE MOSCOWSKAYA  Pro Club of the Russian Super league. This is a very good euro contract to start my career. The Pro club is based out of the one of the most amazing cities in the world, Moscow, Russia. I want to thank Lithuanian Coach Radvila Rolandis for having confidence in me and having me sign with his club. There is a lot of perks and bonuses involved, which I liked. I can fly anyone I want for a round trip to Moscow, which is sweet. They are also throwing in a car for me, although I don’t know if I want to drive on the wrong side of the road would have to get used to it lol..I am really happy with the contract. I will have my own place in Moscow, which I am excited about as well, it is going to be really nice by the looks of it! Overall, it was just a good fit for me. I had passed on a couple offers in Europe one being in England because I didn’t want to settle. Zain Pro Club was involved as well, which is one of the wealthiest clubs in the Middle East but I just didn’t want to wait and pass on another great opportunity. I respect Zain Pro Club and hopefully one day I can suit up with them as well. I knew I was worth more and continued to hold my standards high. I think you should never settle in anything you do. It was tough for me to let some opportunities go by, but I took a chance and was confident in my ability and the hard work I put in that an opportunity like this would come my way. It has always been a dream of mine to play professional basketball but to play in a fabulous city like Moscow and in one of the best leagues on Earth is amazing.

Signing with Spartak Vidnoye Moscowskaya Pro Club for 2011/2012 Season (Russian 1st Division Superleague)

When I was offered the contract, it kind of took a few minutes to settle in. My parents were the first people I told and they are very proud. I was in tears because it is the exact contract I wanted for my rookie year. It was tough to be patient and was definitely a process but in the end it all paid off.  My whole family has been very supportive of me since I picked up a basketball but always stressed academics first. I am fortunate enough to have a great family behind me and want to thank them.

Saint Basil Cathedral: Moscow, Russia

I leave November 4th, I have been training 5-6 days a week at the gym so I am in shape but this gives me more time to tweek some things and get in even better shape. Now knowing where I’m playing motivates me even more. I am likely going down to Detroit again next week for another 5 day training week with my personal trainer Jamie Stewart of ETBA basketball training. He has really helped me stay on my game and approach it with relentless work. His workouts are no joke. I love to sit in ice baths after his workouts because he pushes me really hard and I appreciate his help.

So my schedule before I leave my city is in and out really. I will be mostly just training and spending time with my family. I have never been to Moscow, Russia before but I know they have one of the wonders of the world in the Kolomna Palace. I am a big fan of seeing the wonders of the world; I have 3 left in the world to see. I love architecture and ancient ruins, it really helps put in perspective the world we lived in and how the magnificence of technology has advanced. I think I better pack a coat though it gets a little cold in Russia. Growing up in Canada has thankfully prepared me for something like this, weather wise lol …I am definitely looking forward to it and having this kind of opportunity my rookie year, it will be amazing to say the least. I am thankful and grateful.

I will be out-of-town this weekend in Toronto for a model project, which is another big opportunity I got scouted for from my pictures appearing in Localiez Magazine. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I went to a meeting last weekend with Geoffrey Chapman who has been in Vanity Fair Magazine and has worked with Gucci, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana. I really went into the interview/meeting confident. He told me he wanted to meet me and knew I had the look but really wanted to see what my personality was like. I was honestly confident because it is not my main passion; basketball is and always has been. I took another chance and went to the meeting. I thought it wouldn’t hurt and now they are sponsoring me for an event this coming weekend to meet with some big time casting directors. Directors who have worked with Whitney Houston and Uma Thurman will be there. So I want to thank him for that opportunity. I think it will be fun and maybe something will come out of it. He sure has a lot of confidence that something will. My only problem would be my availability, since I signed my contract, which lasts until the end of April. Anyways, I am definitely looking forward to the opportunity and have nothing to lose so why not?

Well guys, just wanted to give you this update. I want to thank you guys for your continued support, I really appreciate it! Wish me luck in the next week. I will drop a blog before I leave to Detroit for my training week with Jamie. Anyways have a great week and remember, “The world does not owe you success. But the world gives you plenty of resources and opportunities to create all the success you want.”

Yours in Basketball,



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