Playing in one of the Top 5 leagues in the world/Revamped

Hey guys,

I have some down time during the Chinese New Year, so I thought I would drop a blog, via my website and WordPress. I am thankful to be playing my 2nd professional season in China as it’s one of the most competitive leagues in the world. We are wrapping up the season and it has been a solid one for myself. Currently, I am top 6 in assist in the entire league and top 5 in 3PT %. For a rookie in this

league that’s solid but I’m content with it. I believe in always striving for more and looking for the best in yourself. I feel like there is more to come from me and not really satisfied. In saying that, it is definitely something to build on for next season.

Happy Chinese New Years!

Happy Chinese New Years!

I have definitely enjoyed my time here, playing against NBA competition night in and night out has really helped me develop as a player on the court and as a person off the court.

Head to Head with Former NBA All-star Stephon Marbury.

Head to Head with Former NBA All-star Stephon Marbury.

I think I had an impact this season but want to take it to another level next season and prepare twice as harder this off-season.

I will be in California for July and a bit of August as I have been invited to Athletic Performance for Elite Athletes. This is a big deal for me as I will use it to better my game, nutritional habits and strive for a higher level as a professionally. Elite athletes from all over the world come to this facility. Mainly NBA players come to train here. I’m definitely looking forward to working hard and becoming the best player I can be both physically and mentally.

After my season is done in the CBA, I will be looking at other options but I am definitely looking forward to heading back home and continuing my Adidas sponsored camps, which I am glad to see have helped many of our youth in the Southwestern Ontario region in Canada. I cannot wait to take camp to another level once again! We have our Sr. Girls camp sold out and will be definitely a huge event for our staff and members. I am really looking forward to another great spring season for camps to definitely integrate a great experience that these high school athletes can take with them for the rest of the summer and year.

In closing, I have been receiving a lot of support messages from people, I want to say thank you and I am appreciative of the support. I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals and urge anyone who wants to their career to the next level, whether it’s in sports or anything else to FOCUS and put all distractions aside and accomplish it. It isn’t easy but necessary.

Anyways, I’m signing off, want to say Xien Le Qui Le to all the Chinese basketball fans and to my club Jiangsu Dragons! Please check out my revamped site to check out updates and the blog.

Yours in Basketball,



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